This workshop will introduce you to the creation of interactive learning materials, with a focus on the creation of adaptive learning materials. First, you will be introduced to Mayer’s principles, which are useful to consider when creating multimedia materials. We will introduce different types of interactivity and then focus on practical work with different tools. You will learn about the H5P Branching Scenario and Moodle Lesson tools that support adaptive learning. 


Sanja Jedrinović, Mateja Bevčič, Sara Drožđek, Anja Luštek, Tadeja Nemanič, Ana Žabkar Šalić, Irena Nančovska Šerbec, Jože Rugelj


27. oktober - 3. november 2021


Mateja Bevčič

This workshop is designed to introduce adaptive learning using interactive learning materials. In addition to an introduction and a conclusion, it consists of 3 sections: 

  • Mayer’s principles for creating multimedia learning materials

You will see some examples that illustrate the application and adherence to Mayer’s principles.
In this chapter you will look at materials and resources, take a quiz and participate in a discussion.

  • Interactive multimedia teaching materials

You will learn about the TPCK or PVTZ model (Pedagogical Content Technological Knowledge), which is a new framework for teaching, and the SAMR model for evaluating the degree of didactic use of ICT in the learning process.
In this section you will look at the materials and resources, take the quiz and participate in the discussion.

  • Adaptive learning using ICT

You will learn about tools that support adaptive learning: Moodle and H5P.
In this section you will look at the guides, submit an assignment and participate in a discussion.

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