This workshop will introduce you to the elements of games in education. You will encounter the concept of gamification.  In order to enrich the pedagogical process and to get ideas for the use of game elements in the educational process, you will be introduced to different ICT. For this purpose, you will learn about Kahoot, Edmodo, H5P, Socrative and plugins in the Moodle online classroom. 


Tadeja Nemanič, Mateja Bevčič, Sara Drožđek, Sanja Jedrinović, Anja Luštek, Ana Žabkar Šalić, Jože Rugelj 


24 November - 1 December 2021


Mateja Bevčič

This workshop is designed to explore how to use game elements within online learning environments. In addition to an introduction and a conclusion, it consists of 2 sections: 

  • Games in Education

It offers a brief overview of behavioural theories in education, their development and main concepts, and the ways in which the main concepts of these theories are integrated into games. Examples of the use of educational games in the pedagogical process and a collection of different resources are provided. A comparative analysis of the tools is also presented, and the tools will be presented in more detail in the following sections.

In the final part of the section, there is a compulsory H5P quiz and a recommended participation in the discussion.

  • Gamification

You will learn about the concept of gamification and how gamification is related to education. You will learn about the different elements of games that can be used in the pedagogical process to motivate and activate students. Through the guides, you will learn about tools that allow you to integrate gamification. You will learn about the possibilities of using gamification within the Moodle online classroom, as well as Kahoot, Edmodo, H5P and Socrative.

In the final part of the chapter, you will complete a compulsory memory activity and submit an assignment in which you will design an updated learning activity focusing on the use of gamification elements in the pedagogical process and produce materials that incorporate gamification elements. It is also recommended to solve an eight-step exercise on gamification and participate in the discussion. 

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