Why multipliers for the didactic use of ICT?

We want to upgrade the level of support we provide to University of Ljubljana (UL) teachers and staff through a community of multipliers at UL member institutions, who would work together to promote and share experiences in the use of information and communication technology (ICT) among UL teachers and staff.

By creating a community of multipliers at UL member institutions, we aim to create an environment where the transfer of knowledge about the use of ICT in the pedagogical process is ensured, with the aim of actively involving all students in the pedagogical process in order to promote the use of higher cognitive processes related to the development of the necessary skills and knowledge for the 21st century in different fields of study.

We invite university teachers and staff who would like to share their knowledge, ideas and examples of good practice in the use of ICT in the teaching process through various trainings, materials development, good practice exchange events, etc. to participate in the community of multipliers.

Za sodelovanje je potrebno izpolniti obrazec na povezavi, kjer lahko opredelite aktivnosti, s katerimi lahko prispevate v skupnosti multiplikatorjev.

Some examples of activities you have already identified:

  • Encouraging higher education teachers and colleagues at the UL member to use ICT didactically in the teaching process and to participate in the activities of the Digital UL Centre,
  • a needs analysis of the didactic use of ICT among higher education teachers and staff in your own UL member,
  • advice and support to higher education teachers and staff,
  • the provision of training,
    participation in good practice exchange events,
    creation and sharing of materials, etc. 

In this calendar year, we will also try to support the participation of multipliers in individual members financially (in proportion to the number of students enrolled in each member). The selection of multipliers will be based on the involvement of UL higher education teachers and staff from all 26 members (1-4 persons per member to participate in the multiplier

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