Basic Services

Below you can find a description of the basic services offered by the Center for the use of ICT in pedagogical process.

We continue the established good practice in the field of training and dissemination from the Digital University project (2017-2020), the ICT in teacher training study programs UL project (2017–2018) and other projects, and provide training in innovative didactic approaches using ICT, the preparation of relevant teaching materials, access to examples of good practice, and the organization of exchanges of experience between higher education teachers and associates.

Teachers to Teachers Symposium

Teachers to Teachers symposiums are organized to exchange good practices and experiences in the use of ICT in the pedagogical process.

Online Workshops

We have developed 24 online workshops designed to promote the didactic use of ICT among higher educational teachers and associates. Participants can take the workshops at their own pace and a team of moderators is available at all times to answer any questions they may have.

Live Webinars and Workshops Face-to-Face

We also hold regular “live” meetings, which have been replaced by webinars or virtual meetings during the Covid-19 period. In these meetings we present current tools and how they can be used in the pedagogical process. 


The website is regularly updated and expanded with new examples of good practice in the use of ICT in the pedagogical process, as well as a variety of materials that can be a starting point for new ideas or answers to questions that may arise when using different ICTs. 

Participants in various training and dissemination events
Online workshops conducted
Live workshops/webinars conducted
Symposiums held

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