In this workshop you will learn about the importance of formative assessment of knowledge, opinions and ideas in the pedagogical process and how it can be most effectively supported by ICT. Through a comparative analysis of different tools in terms of assessment strategies, learning analytics, planning and feedback options, you will gain a better insight into the tools that can meaningfully support formative assessment of the learning process. You will also learn about some examples of innovative ICT-supported learning approaches and the possibilities for formative assessment of student learning in innovative teaching with ICT.


Tadeja Nemanič, Mateja Bevčič, Sara Drožđek, Sanja Jedrinović, Anja Luštek, Ana Žabkar Šalić, Jože Rugelj


10 November - 17 November 2021


Tadeja Nemanič

The workshop is designed to explore ways of assessing students’ knowledge in the context of innovative forms of learning using ICT. It consists of 3 sections in addition to an introductory and a concluding part: 

  • Formative assessment of the learning process

In the first topic you will have the opportunity to learn about the definition of formative assessment. The whole set is based on the European Framework of Digital Competences for Educators. You will learn about different strategies for assessing student learning, ways of analysing evidence of learning and ways of giving feedback.

As a conclusion to the section, you will be required to pass a quiz, the purpose of which is to check your understanding of the content presented within the section as it links to the content in the following sections. However, it is recommended to participate in a forum where you can share your experiences of formative assessment of learning.

  • The Comparative Analysis and Presentation of Tools

In the second topic, we present a comparative analysis of the tools according to the aspects of evaluation: peer evaluation, self-evaluation, teacher evaluation, analysis of evidence of learning, feedback and planning, which are discussed in more detail within each section later in the workshop. In addition, you can also access basic guidance in the form of tutorials on how to work with each tool.

In this section, you can participate in a forum where you can write down your experiences and opinions on the use of the tools for formative assessment purposes. As a requirement to continue to the next chapter, you must have seen the benchmarking of the tools and marked it as done.

  • Evaluating student learning using innovative approaches to teaching and learning

In this topic you will have the opportunity to learn how to evaluate student work in innovative approaches to learning such as collaborative learning, blended learning, flipped learning, problem-based learning, project-based learning and inquiry-based learning. You will see examples of how different ICT can be used to support innovative learning approaches and formative assessment of student learning.

As a final assignment for this section, you are required to plan at least 3 of the innovative learning approaches presented. The planning should include a reflection on the use of different ICT for formative monitoring. It is recommended to test the chosen formative monitoring tool and to create a toolkit for formative monitoring of students’ knowledge at each stage of the innovative teaching and to attach it to the assignment submission. It is also recommended to participate in a forum on the topic of assessing students’ knowledge.

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