This workshop will introduce you to games in education. You will encounter the approaches of learning with games, presented together with a number of educational games already created to enrich the pedagogical process, and learning by creating games, where you will learn about the tools H5P, Wordwall, Moodle plug-ins, Snap! and Unity. 


Tadeja Nemanič, Mateja Bevčič, Sara Drožđek, Sanja Jedrinović, Anja Luštek, Ana Žabkar Šalić, Jože Rugelj 


1 December - 8 December 2021


Mateja Bevčič

This workshop is designed to introduce games in education. In addition to an introduction and a conclusion, it consists of 3 sections:

  • Games in Education

It offers a brief overview of behavioural theories in education, their development and main concepts, and the ways in which the main concepts of these theories are integrated into games. Examples of the use of educational games in the pedagogical process and a collection of different resources are provided. A comparative analysis of the tools is also presented, and the tools will be presented in more detail in the following chapters.
In this section you will look at the materials, resources and guides, take the H5P quiz and participate in the discussion.

  • Learning through games

You will learn about the approach of learning with games, the types of games and the preferred use of games in the teaching process. You will have the opportunity to watch an interesting lecture on play styles and the different influences of games on students. You will also be able to see a list of different serious educational games for specific areas of learning and teaching.
In this section you will look at materials, resources and guides, solve the drag and drop material and the H5P quiz, submit the assignment and participate in the discussion.

  • Creating games in the educational process

You will learn about the game-based learning approach and the SADDIE method for developing and creating educational games. You will also learn about examples of good practice, where you will see how the approach and method can be integrated into the learning process. You will see a list of tools for creating games that require the most basic programming skills (Snap!, Unity) and tools that do not require programming skills (H5P, Moodle, Wordwall, Edmodo).
In this section you will look at the materials, examples and guides, submit an assignment and participate in the discussion.

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