Pilot updates of the delivery of study courses with the didactic use of ICT

The University of Ljubljana Centre for the Use of Information and Communication Technology in the Educational Process (hereinafter referred to as the Digital UL Centre) aims to upgrade the level of support it provides to the University of Ljubljana (hereinafter referred to as the UL) by means of small-scale pilot projects to update the delivery of study courses through the didactic use of information and communication technology (hereinafter referred to as ICT). This is a good practice that we have established in the framework of the projects ICT in the pedagogical study programmes of the UL (2017-2018) and Digital UL – Innovative use of ICT towards excellence (2017-2020) and which, based on the feedback, has proved to be welcomed by higher education teachers and staff as well as students.  

The pilot projects on updating the delivery of study courses through the didactic use of ICT involve the reflection and delivery of the pedagogical process using innovative ICT-supported didactic approaches, in collaboration with higher education teachers, staff and the support team of the Digital UL Centre.

We are inviting all higher education teachers and staff from all UL members to participate. We will try to support as many higher education teachers and staff as possible in this calendar year, and we will be able to co-finance a few pilots. We will select 49 pilot updates in the calendar year 2021 (most of the winter semester 2021/2022) and an additional 20 pilot updates in the summer semester 2021/2022, within which we will be able to provide funding for the participating pilot update implementers. As we want to offer the opportunity to all UL members to participate, the selection of the pilot updates will be based on the involvement of all 26 members in proportion to the number of students enrolled in the academic year 19/20 (more in the Criteria tab), and priority will be given to those update proposals that include updating of courses with activities for students at higher levels of integration of ICT in the pedagogical process (following the SAMR model, more in the Criteria tab).

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